HashInclude Computech: Igniting the Flame of Product Innovation

CIO Vendor IT sector has increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to almost 11% in 2021. The United States accounts for two-third of India’s IT service exports. But there is an interesting trend of product companies now emerging from India and addressing the global market. These innovative companies are driving the next phase of growth in the IT sector by addressing the major concerns of customers such as user centric design, personalization, and most importantly data protection. Bengaluru based HashInclude Computech has been acutely focussed as a start-up incubator and developing complex software products and services by working with the investee companies. With more than five successes over the past 11 years, HashInclude is leading the charge in “Make in India” software products for the global market.

Shiva Shankar J, Co-founder, HashInclude says, “HashInclude sets itself apart as a product innovator. The product development life cycle mindset in the company is becoming a huge advantage to the company. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Systems and Network level bespoke Software Development and product development is our forte. We follow the agile methodology and adhere to all the industry standards and compliances. The company offers seed funding and also works with entrepreneurs hand in hand throughout their journey from helping them co-create the product to go-to-market in the US, Europe and other markets.”

Eyes on Excellence
The company has capabilities in various technologies including cloud, cyber security, analytics, IoT and Computer vision. With over a decade of deep experience in building products that have been used by thousands of customers world over, it is well positioned for the next stage of growth. At HashInclude, technology is not just a business, it is a passion. “We truly believe in the transformative power of technology and its ability to make life better for our partners and customers. We aspire to be people positive – investing in humanity and the wellbeing of everyone we connect with. We strive to uphold Gandhian principles in everything that we do,” mentions Srikant Sreenivasan, Co-founder.

The company is the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Shiva Shankar J and Srikant Sreenivasan who have deep knowledge and experience in their own respective fields. Shiva
possesses broad engineering and software development experience in the areas of enterprise systems, distributed object systems, massively-scalable architectures, relational databases, and computer/network security. He has been responsible for developing systems in the areas of product configuration management, eventbased systems, storage replication systems, Voice over IP and Video.

He also possesses several USPO granted patents and has worked with companies such as Siemens and Cisco Systems in his early career. And co-founder, Srikant has executed and managed several large projects globally. His past experience spans from Management consulting, Enterprise Sales & Marketing to hands on technology implementation. He has been associated with global brands like Arthur Andersen, KPMG Advisory Services, Microsoft and Cisco Systems. He was also a part of the founding team at Rediff.com in 1995.

The company offers seed funding and also works with entrepreneurs hand in hand throughout their journey from helping them co-create the product to go-to-market in the US, Europe and other markets

Looking at the Future
Going forward, the company plans to focus on the small and medium business space as that segment is broadly underserved. The idea is to develop compelling technology solutions that are user friendly and affordable by the SMB segment. The company has invested towards this in terms of additional technical team members and augmented the sales and marketing capabilities in the US, UK, ANZ and other key markets around the world besides the India domestic market.