Sphinax Info Systems: Making SAP Implementation Cost and Time Efficient Sphinax Info Systems

Padmakumar K.R, Managing Director

SAP has been revamping the entire process of how enterprises run their daily businesses. It has brought in greater efficiency and better management of resources and personnel leading to better decision making. Its process driven applications also enable enterprises to reap in more RoI. Apparently, there are many benefits a business can avail by adapting to the SAP model. But in the transition period, working simultaneously on both legacy and SAP implementation increases work pressure on end users. Sphinax Info Systems offers its dedicated team to assist the end user by taking care of new SAP system data entries until they are comfortable with transition. Sphinax Info Systems has been providing SAP services for over four years now. It has completed five successful manufacturing implementations in just four years. Padma kumar K R, Director, Sphinax Info Systems, says,“We have a pool of experienced professionals with domain knowledge. We have been developing applications for seamless integration with any SAP technology. Now it has been four years of our successful delivery of services particularly in Manufacturing and Retail.”

Sphinax has developed a niche for itself in manufacturing business process. It has successfully capitalized on this segment by providing cost benefit along with quality assurance to its clientele. The other factor that keeps it ahead of its competitors is time liness in business operations. Sphinax has not limited its services to implementation services only; it goes beyond to cover crisis emerging in the post implementation period.

Sphinax Solutions takes proper care to mitigate any prospective complication occurring in later stages of the process. Commenting on the procedure of implementation, Padma kumar explains, “Our
implementation methodology planning includes detailed process understanding, planned timeline and allocation of experienced resources to achieve a successful implementation”.

we have a pool of experienced professionals with domain knowledge. We have been developing applications for seamless integration with any SAP technology

In order to provide better services and satisfaction and to reduce development efforts, Sphinax prepares a virtual system design which lays out both functional and non functional requirements; it also includes real time use cases and user interactions which help customers to have a clear picture of its system before implementation. Budget becomes one of the top considerations of businesses in their decision of implementing SAP ERP Solutions. So,in order to avoid inaccurate or excess budget, Sphinax ensures that consultants help accurately scope infrastructure upfront, and then reassess after process documentation is complete to determine if any needs have changed.

Other than SAP ERP solutions, Sphinax has also launched applications to facilitate enterprises with better business process. In the retail segment, it has launched Sales pro,a web based Application providing the ability to track orders, prepare invoices and payments. It assists in better forecasting to plan for sales budgets and materials requirement. Along with retail, Sphinax has ventured into Human Resource management, facilitating end to end HR Activities which can be integrated with SAP.

In SAP landscape Sphinax has planned to embark on its projects covering mobility services, third party integration tools and application development, SAP Staffing and consulting. It also plans to chart out for global business expansion.